Basic Contracts



I will provide most contracts at a flat-fee.

  • Simple Commission or License Agreement (most clients will fit here.): $50
  • Commission or License Agreement with up to three additional edits: $75
  • Complex commission or license agreements: Flat rate negotiable or $150 hourly rate
  • Transactions involving particularly large entities or complicated legal issues: Flat rate negotiable or $150 hourly rate

Take-Down Notices

  • DMCA Take Down Notice Issued: $50 if infringer is identified, $100 if the infringer needs to be identified.
  • Response to DMCA Take Down Notice: $50-$100.
  • If you require a larger number of Take Down Notices (as in the case of multiple infringers or a great deal of content being misused) please contact me to negotiate a bulk rate.

Copyright and Trademark Registration

Copyright and Trademark Enforcement

  • These services will be charged at my hourly rates: $150 per hour. The most time consuming and thus expensive service is likely the trademark search and registration. A copyright registration will take significantly less time.



  • Any enforcement work that goes beyond the scope of the DMCA procedures discussed above will be charged at my hourly rates. Responding to claims challenging the validity of a trademark or alleging infringement of a copyright or a trademark will be charged at an hourly rate. Do note that if a dispute goes to litigation, a referral to a litigation attorney will be given.

Flat fees are available as negotiated.

All of the fees featured on this site are subject to change and do not constitute a promise to provide services at only those prices. Prices are subject to change at the firm's sole discretion. But the purpose of this website is to provide legal representation to digital creatives and others who wouldn't be able to afford representation otherwise so these fees are negotiable to some extent.

As a member of the Lawyers for Affordable Justice, I want to help. Please reach out and see what I can do for you.