Do I Need a Lawyer?

One of the most common misconceptions about the digital media of all sorts is that, once its on the internet, its free for everyone and in the "public domain." But that is not true. Copyright and trademark law exists on the internet just as exists in the real world. But, so far digital creatives have been stranded in the wild, wild, wild west of cyber intellectual property law with the explosion in growth of the internet and digital media. But there has been no corresponding explosion of resources digital entrepreneurs and artists can use to protect their rights to their original works.

If you are wondering if you need an attorney, review each of the links below and select the one that most reflects the issue you are having. Review the information on the page and, if you decide to inquire about my services, fill out the form specific to your issue. I want to make sure that my services are customized to your needs and the more information I have upfront, the better my legal advice and services will be.

Can I Afford a Lawyer?

Sure, I’ve had work stolen before. Lots of people who post their work online have. I found one of my designs being sold on someone’s website as their own work one time. But what does it matter? Everyone knows they can get away with re-posting, using, or selling online art and that most of the time, nothing happens. IT’S NOT LIKE ANY OF US CAN AFFORD A LAWYER ANYWAY.
— Free-lance graphic artist

Cyber law, copyright, trademark, and digital creatives.

Traditionally, copyright and trademark ownership and enforcement has been the bastion of big business and extremely successful artists. But just as the growth of the internet has made protecting on-line materials more difficult, it has also made providing legal services much more affordable.

There are several legal solutions that can help you, as a digital creative, to protect your work. When you begin a relationship with a client, a plain language contract governing the terms of any license being granted or commission being fulfilled is vital. It may also be worth registering your copyrights or trademarks to make them easier to defend down the line. After your work has been misappropriated, take down notices targeted both at the user and their web host as well as other procedures under the DMCA can force users to take down your work. Or, if you just want credit, you can always ask for that as well. Go to my fees page to see my flat fee pricing for most of these basic services; you will know up front whether you can afford my services and I will check in with you before doing any work that falls outside the scope of that flat fee arrangement.

In addition, with the constant changing world of the internet, your needs may fall outside the simple services referenced above. If so, I may still be able to help you and we will negotiate an hourly rate or flat fee that reflects the complexity of the issue at hand.