The Law Office of Erin Dwyer-Frazier provides affordable legal services to small-businesses, start-ups, non-profits, and freelancers - including authors, artists, singers, and songwriters.

I specialize in helping new businesses get off the ground, with incorporation, drafting client contracts, and other legal needs that may arise. I also work with businesses and individuals to protect their original or proprietary work with trademark and copyright registration, enforcement, licensing and digital media copyright violations. Follow the drop down menu above to learn more about my areas of focus.


focused on providing affordable Legal Services to clients who otherwise wouldn't be able to hire an attorney.  

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You have enough books in your life.....

You have enough books in your life.....

Why you need a lawyer

In the world of digital media, "www" may as well stand for wild-wild-west. Digital creatives are creating a volume of original work that would have been unthinkable even just a decade ago. The explosion of online art, self-publishing, and blogging through social media means that digital creatives' work can reach farther and spread faster than could ever have occurred before. It's an amazing world we live in, but it comes with some pitfalls.

Almost every person who has put creative original work up on the internet has had their work stolen, posted without credit, or even sold without permission. And even where permission was given, people use artists' creations for purposes and at scales of which the artist never agreed. On top of that, digital creatives who begin doing free-lance work quickly discover that clients can be flighty, undependable, and most critically, either unwilling to pay for the goods or services they purchased or expecting work that was outside of the original agreement but at no extra cost.

These are all incredibly frustrating when they happen but you can prevent many issues with clear contractual expectations from the start. Enforcing your copyrights in the digital age can be more difficult than it once was, but it is not impossible, and an attorney can help you navigate the complicated world of digital copyright enforcement.

"But, its not like I can afford a lawyer anyways, right?"

I founded this law firm because I heard story after story from people I knew about work being stolen, pictures of themselves being misused, and clients who were clueless or cheap (or, frequently, both.) But what struck me most was that I knew how to help them and yet I heard:

This happens all the time. People think everything that’s posted on the internet is free. Or people just don’t care because they know they can get away with it. I mean, what am I going to do? It’s not like I can afford an attorney anyway.

My goal is not just to provide effective legal solutions customized and focused on your needs; it is also my goal to provide those services at an affordable cost. If you have questions about how much my services would cost, go to my Fees page where you can see my flat fees for certain services as well as information about my hourly billing fee for more complicated matters. 

I focus on what is important to you.

I focus on what is important to you.

You've come to the right place...clearly the fancy mouse and the nice glasses sell it.

You've come to the right place...clearly the fancy mouse and the nice glasses sell it.

Okay, I know I need a lawyer. And I know I can afford you. What should I do now?

In the navigation bar at the top of this page, there is a drop down menu that will bring you to pages with more details about each of my basic services, which are:


Once you have reviewed the information on the page, please follow the link on the page and fill out the client intake form that applies to the service you need. If you are not sure which service or services you need, you can either pick the one that sounds most right to you or simply go to Other Legal Issue and fill out the form there. After I receive your information, I will reply by email as soon as possible, but generally within 72 hours.